Sathyamangalam: March 14-16, 2017

Kumbhabhishekam at Sathyamangalam


Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahasannidhanam and Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Sannidhanam entered Tamil Nadu in the evening of March 14, 2017. With Sri Mahasannidhanam gracing Tamil Nadu for the first time along with His Uttaradhikari Shishya, ardent devotees from various parts of Tamil Nadu assembled just inside the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu state border at Bannari and gave a rousing reception to the Ubhaya Jagadgurus with Poornakumbha Swagata. Phala Samarpanam was then performed on behalf of the people of various districts and Prasadam from temples such as Rameswaram, Tiruchendur and Palani were also submitted to the Jagadgurus. Sri Mahasannidhanam blessed the gathering with an Anugraha Bhashanam.



Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam then proceeded towards Sathyamangalam and were received at the Sringeri Shankara Math. Dhuli Pada Puja was performed by Dharmadhikari Sri Venkataraman. In His Anugraha Bhashanam, Sri Mahasannidhanam said that Sathyamangalam has always been blessed many times as the entry point into Tamil Nadu for the Sringeri Jagadgurus. Later that night, Sri Sannidhanam performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara Pooja.



On March 15, 2017, Sri Mahasannidhanam performed the Kumbhabhisheka of Sri Adi Shankaracharya temple in the Sringeri Shankara Math in Sathyamangalam. The Prathishta of a Utsava Murti of Sri Adi Shankaracharya also took place. Sri Sannidhanam performed the Shikhara Kumbhabhisheka atop the Vimana Gopura of the temple. Thereafter, the Ubhaya Jagadgurus gave Darshan to devotees. Sri Sannidhanam distributed Tirtha Prasadam.



In the evening, a Guru Vandana program was held. Sri Sannidhanam in His Tamil Anugraha Bhashanam recounted the visit of His Parapara Guru (the 33rd Acharya) to Sathyamangalam in the 19th century and His observation of Chaturmasya in 1891 CE in Sathyamangalam. Sri Sannidhanam also remembered that Sathyamangalam occupies a unique place in the life history of His Parameshti Guru and Jivanmukta, Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji (it was here that the Mahaswamiji, who was not known to speak in Tamil, had to the pleasant surprise of all, delivered His first Tamil Anugraha Bhashanam in chaste Tamil). Sri Mahasannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam explained the qualities of a true devotee as explained in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. A true devotee would not hate any one; he would be affectionate towards all; he would be filled with compassion on observing the suffering of others; he would be free of Ahankara or pride; he would be free of selfishness, and would not state “this is mine, that is mine”; and be equanimous in joy and sorrow. Sri Mahasannidhanam said that the Prathishta Kumbhabhisheka of Sri Adi Shankaracharya had taken place 25 years back. Now the Kumbhabhisheka had again been performed. Sri Mahasannidhanam expressed happiness that the disciples at Sathyamangalam had come together and collectively taken efforts to build the Sringeri Shankara Math, and blessed all the devotees.

Later that night, Sri Sannidhanam performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara Pooja.


On March 16, 2017, Sri Sannidhanam visited the Meenakshi Sundareshwara temple and Sri Rama Anjaneya temple in Sathyamangalam and had Darshan. After granting Darshan and blessing devotees with Aashirmantrakshatas, the Ubhaya Jagadgurus started from Sathyamangalam and proceeded towards Gobichettipalayam.