Srirangam: May 9-13, 2017

Jagadgurus in Srirangam


Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahasannidhanam and Jagadguru Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Sannidhanam arrived at the famous temple town of Srirangam to a rapturous welcome by devotees. The Jagadgurus were received with Poornakumbha Swagata at the entrance of Sri Shankara Gurukalam – Acharya Vidya Peetham in the Sringeri Shankara Math complex in Amma Mandapam Road, Srirangam.

Dhuli Pada Puja was performed by the Manager of Sringeri Shankara Math, Sri Rangarajan. After Veda Ghosha and prayer (Vidhimukhambhoja Hamsi Sharade), a Sanskrit Swagata Patrika was read and submitted to the Jagadgurus.


Sri Mahasannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam remembered that His Parameshti Guru Jagadguru Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Mahaswamiji had showered His Blessings on Sri T K Balasubrahmanya Iyer for the establishment of the Sringeri Shankara Math. Since then, both the Acharya Vidya Peetham and the then Vani Vilas Press functioned and engaged in the spread of Sanatana Dharma. Sri Mahasannidhanam then quoted a Vedic Mantra “श्रद्धा सत्यं धर्मश्चैतानि मा मा हासिषुः – “May Shraddha (faith in the words of the Shastras and Guru), Satya (adherence to speaking truth) and Dharma (the cause of welfare in this world and the next) never leave me.” Sri Mahasannidhanam then praised the tradition of devotion towards the Sringeri Jagadgurus amongst the residents of Srirangam and expressed joy over coming to Srirangam along with His Disciple, Sri Sannidhanam.

Later Sri Mahasannidhanam performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara Puja.



On May 10, Sri Sannidhanam visited the Allur Agrahara and graced the devotees. Sri Sannidhanam first had Darshan at the Dharmasamvardhini Sameta Panchanadeeshwarar temple in the Agrahara and blessed devotees with an Anugraha Bhashanam.

In the evening, a Guru Vandana Program was organised in the premises of the Peetham. Sri K Vidyashankar of MM Forgings spoke on the occasion extolling the virtues of the Sringeri Jagadgurus and sought Their Anugraha at all times. Sri P Jayaraman, Joint Commissioner of the famous Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple at Srirangam, offered his pranams to the Jagadgurus and spoke on the occasion extending a formal invitation for the Jagadgurus to visit the Ranganathaswamy temple. Smt. Sharada Chityala then talked about the Android app titled “Tunga lahari” containing renditions (along with lyrics) by various renowned artists of the Stotras of Sri Bhagavatpada and the compositions of the Sringeri Jagadgurus. This free app was then released by Sri Mahasannidhanam and is available at the Math’s App Store. A Tamil book titled “Sri Sharada Antyaadi” was also released by Sri Mahasannidhanam.

Sri Sannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam mentioned the importance of remembering the Lord not only in times of distress but also in times of joy and well-being. Even as a well-meaning student would strive and prepare for exams that may be months away, it is our ardent duty to stick to the path of Dharma and Adhyatma from the very beginning and not wait until later years in life.

Sri Mahasannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam underlined that we are all Astikas and our lives must function according to the path enjoined in the Vedas and Smritis. Sri Mahasannidhanam then ,mentioned qualities that Sri Adi Shankaracharya advocates. A wealthy man must donate; charity however small must always be done with a gentle and sweet demeanour; an educated man must remain humble while a man in power must cultivate the qualities of forbearance and forgiving.



Tirunavanaikaval Temple

On May 11, Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam had Darshan at the famous temple of Tirunavanaikaval. The Jagadgurus were received with Poornakumbha Swagata at the entrance of the huge temple. After having Darshan of Sri Prasanna Vinayakar, the Jagadgurus had Darshan of Goddess Akhilandeshwari and Lord Jambukeshwarar (the Jala Linga Kshetram amongst the Panchabhoota Shiva Kshetrams).

Siddhi Vinayakar

In the evening, Sri Sannidhanam had Darshan of Sri Siddhi Vinayakar at the Aayir Vaishya Samajam in Tiruchirapalli and blessed the devotees with an Anugraha Bhashanam.

Adi Shankaracharya Ashtottara Samarpanam

Following this, Sri Sannidhanam graced a program organised by the Tiruchi devotees participating in the Adi Shankaracharya Ashtottara Shata Nama Paryana Yajna. The program that took place in the premises of the Shrimati Indira Gandhi College in Tiruchirapalli. Many hundreds of devotees chanted the Ashtottara. Sri Sannidhanam blessed the gathering with an Anugraha Bhashanam detailing the significance of the life and teachings of Sri Adi Shankaracharya for all followers of Sanatana Dharma.



Uchhi Pillaiyar Temple (Tiruchirapalli)

On May 12, Sri Sannidhanam arrived at Malaikottai (Rockfort) in Tiruchirapalli and had Darshan at the renowned Ucchi Pillaiyar temple. The present temple structure completed during the period of the Vijayanagar empire, is at a height of 273 feet and has to be reached after climbing about 400 steps. The Rajagopuram of the Srirangam temple can also be seen from atop the Rockfort.

Matrubhooteshwara Temple and Others

Sri Sannidhanam then had Darshan of Goddess Sugandha Kuntalambika (Mattuvaar Kuzhalammai) and Lord Matrubhooteshwara Swamy (Thayumanavar). The huge Matrubhooteshwara Linga is associated with the legend of Lord Shiva coming in the guise of the mother to help his devotee in labour.



In the evening, a program to highlight the Vedanta Tattva as expounded by Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada was organized in the premises of the Sringeri Shankara Math in Srirangam. Swami Omkarananda of Theni chaired the session where Swamijis from Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Math, Arsha Vidya Kendra delivered discourses on Bhagavatpada and the Vedanta. The concluding part of the function took place in the divine presence of Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam, who blessed the gathering with Anugraha Bhashanams. Sri Sannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam said we find some people who tread the path of Shreyas having apprehensions as to whether they can attain the state of being a Jnani in this birth itself. Yes, it has to be remembered that the performance of Sadhana resulting in the removal of Ajnana (ignorance) and the state of being a Jnani is not instantaneous. It is not like turning on an electrical switch and seeing electricity light up a bulb instantaneously. However merely because the process can stretch over many lifetimes, we must not hesitate to take efforts today. Even in the worldly sense, we take small steps to achieve a large difficult target. Likewise, we must not be overwhelmed by the trials and tests and undertake sincere efforts to remain in the path of Shreyas. Sri Mahasannidhanam then spoke about the greatness of Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s life and teachings and blessed the organisers of the event. At the end of the event, all the Swamijis received the blessings of the Jagadgurus.

Later that evening, Sri Mahasannidhanam performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara Puja and the Srichakra Puja.



At around 6:30 am on May 13, Sri Sannidhanam offered a special Puja to Goddess Sharadamba in the Sringeri Shankara Math at Srirangam.

Later that morning, the Jagadgurus arrived at the entrance of the famous Ranganatha Swamy temple of Srirangam to a respectful Swagata with Poornakumbha by Archakas and temple authorities headed by Chairman of the Temple Board, Sri Venu Srinivasan and Joint Commissioner, Sri P Jayaraman. After having Darshan of the huge Vigraha of Sri Garuda, the Jagadgurus had Darshan of Lord Ranganatha and Goddess Ranganayaki.

Later, Sri Sannidhanam graced the “Arogya Prada” health centre built by the Math in the South Chitra Street. Sri Sannidhanam also graced the Kumbhakonam Cooperative Bank located in the premises.

After granting Darshan and blessing devotees with Mantrakshata, the Jagadgurus started in the afternoon from Srirangam towards Pudukkottai.