Thoothukkudi: May 20-21, 2017

Jagadgurus at Thoothukkudi


The Jagadgurus upon arrival at Thoothukkudi on May 20th evening were received at the entrance of the Sringeri Shankara Math. They had Darshan at the shrines of Goddess Sharadamba, Lord Venkataramana and Sri Adi Shankaracharya in the Math complex. Thereafter the Jagadgurus started from the Math and graced a public function to welcome them. Dhuli Pada Puja was performed by Sri Rajaram. After Veda Ghosha and prayer, Swagata Patrikas in Sanskrit and Tamil were read and submitted at the Lotus Feet of the Jagadgurus.


Sri Mahasannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam mentioned that it is true that we can find in any person both good and undesirable qualities. However one must only consider the good qualities in everyone. People tend to overlook all the good in a man if he is seen to commit a few sins. Even if he is by far a good man, they keep pinpointing his flaws. Did not the Lord take up the beautiful moon and keep it on his head while suppressing the Halahala poison in His neck? Though both the moon and the poison arose from the ocean of milk, the Lord only displayed what is beneficial. Hence one must focus on only the good qualities in others:

गुणदोषौ बुधो गृह्णन् इन्दुक्ष्वेडाविवेश्वरः ।
शिरसा श्लाघते पूर्वं परं कण्ठे नियच्छति ॥

Sri Sannidhanam in His Anugraha Bhashanam that people engaging in Bhagavad Seva and Guru Seva must always remember that all are equal in the eyes of Bhagavan and the Guru. It is also very important to realize that one must never develop any kind of Dvesha or hate towards anyone else. People who have come to offer Seva must remain humble and united. Sri Sannidhanam then recounted a beautiful incident from Valmiki Ramayana where Mother Sita advises Hanuman on this aspect.

Later Sri Mahasannidhanam performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara Puja on a beautifully put up stage.



The following morning, Sri Sannidhanam graced the Bhajanam Math in Thoothukkudi, and blessed the devotees with an Anugraha Bhashanam.

Sri Mahasannidhanam and Sri Sannidhanam then gave Darshan to devotees at Thoothukkudi. Bhiksha Vandanam and Pada Puja were performed by devotees. Devotees then received Mantrakshata from Sri Sannidhanam. En route to Tiruchendur, the Jagadgurus graced the town of Athur, had Darshan at the Somanatha Swamy temple and blessed the devotees.