Kadayanallur: MAY 12-13, 2012

Seek Succour in the Lord

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji arrived at Kadayanallur on 12th May evening to a rapturous reception. The Jagadguru was received with Poornakumbha by Sri Tukaram Ganapati Maharaj at the Vittal Vihar, Vishwa Varkari Samsthan.

In the function organized to welcome the Jagadguru, children at the Vittal Vihar sang one of the Jagadguru’s favorite Abhangs, “Pasaydan” written by Sant Jnaneshwar. Sri Tukaram Ganapati Maharaj spoke about the greatness of the Guru saying that the Guru is verily the walking wish-fulfilling tree, and is like a Sun that does not burn, and yet showering the nectar of bliss.

In His Anugraha Bhashanam, the Jagadguru explained the feelings one would have if someone offered succour to him in times of need. If someone shows a lot of affection towards you, you develop a sense of respect towards that person. Similarly there are many circumstances when people fear. At such a time, how would you feel if someone were to come and promise, “Do not fear. I will take care.” When in the midst of seemingly unsolvable issues, how would you feel if someone said “Do not worry. I will solve your issues.” Similarly, suppose you were in great financial difficulty and are in a dire situation where you have to garner a huge sum in a very short span of time. At such a juncture, how would you feel if someone were to come forward and say, “Cast aside your anxiety. I will give you all that is required”. That someone whom we have been talking about is only one entity – Bhagavan.

There is also another situation we often land ourselves into. We do what is prohibited by the Shastras and refrain from the duties ordained for us. Sri Neelakantha Deekshitar remarks: प्रायो नेतिश्रुतिविषयता विश्वमाधुर्यहेतुः People tend to like what the Shastras prohibit. Suppose a Puja is happening, and the screens are drawn when the Naivedya to the Lord is being offered, and a child out of curiosity peeks in through the screen, we admonish the child. However, this is what even grown-ups do when it comes to a number of duties ordained by the Shastras!

The Shastras state that it is highly beneficial to eat what is offered to the Lord as Naivedya. The Shastras prohibit eating of food that is sold – नापणीयम् अन्नम् अश्नीयात्. Yet – वैधादन्नादपि किमधिकं पर्युदस्थेषु भोज्यम् – However people prefer eating food sold in a hotel.

The Shastras talk of एकपत्नीव्रतम् – the vow of remaining monogamous. Today many have the bad habit of overriding this injunction too. Is there someone who can remove the sins that we accumulate thus? Is there someone who can alleviate our suffering? It is the Lord alone.

We know the affection shown by the Lord as is observed in Prahlada Charitram. There is no one comparable, who can shower such affection and love on anyone.

Vibhishana was granted Abhaya – fearlessness – by Sri Rama even when all near Sri Rama said that he must be put to death or driven away. When approached by Vibhishana, Sri Rama said:

सकृदेव प्रपन्नाय तवास्मीति च याचते |
अभयं सर्वभूतेभ्यो ददाम्येतद् व्रतं मम ||

He who seeks refuge in me just once, telling me that “I am yours”, I shall give him assurance of safety against all types of beings. This is my solemn pledge

Sri Rama even used the words “यदि वा रावणः स्वयम्” – conveying that even if his enemy Ravana comes to Him with such an attitude, He will grant him Abhaya. What to speak of his enemy’s brother Vibhishana?

Hence one must understand that it is only the Lord who can dispel the greatest of sufferings. We see that the Lord removed even the suffering of an elephant that was attacked by a crocodile, as seen in the Gajendra Charitram. Even in the case of Draupadi, neither the elders like Bhishma, Drona or Kripa nor her great warrior husbands came to her rescue. It was only Krishna Paramatma who saved her.

The Jagadguru then took up the example of the child Dhruva, who did Tapas simply because he was not allowed to sit on his father’s lap. When the Lord appeared before Dhruva and wished to grant him a boon, Dhruva replied –

स्थानाभिलाषी तपसि स्थितोऽहम् पश्यामि त्वां देवमुनीन्द्रगुह्यम् ।
काचं विचिन्वन्नपि दिव्यरत्नं स्वामिन् कृतार्थोऽस्मि वरं न याचे ||

I performed Tapas as I desired to sit on my father’s lap. Now I have had the Darshan of You, O Lord, who are unseen even by the gods and sages. This is equivalent to someone finding a diamond when searching for a piece of glass. Hence my purpose is fulfilled and I need no boon.

The Jagadguru also gave a detailed account of Kuchela who was made equivalent to Kubera by the Lord.

Hence one has to approach the magnanimous Lord who alone is capable of providing us succour in times of suffering. The Jagadguru also mentioned that it is not the one in suffering who alone approaches the Lord. Even a Jnani seeks the Lord, and the Lord Himself declares that He loves the Jnani.

तेषां ज्ञानी नित्ययुक्त एकभक्तिर्विशिष्यते ।
प्रियो हि ज्ञानिनोऽत्यर्थमहं स च मम प्रियः ॥

Hence we must worship the Lord the Lord with Bhakti – सा त्वस्मिन् परमप्रेमरूपा – Bhakti is defined in the Bhakti Sutras as pure love directed towards the Lord. Such is the Bhakti that can be seen in saints such as Sant Tukaram and Jnaneshwar.

The Jagadguru expressed joy that Sri Ganapati Tukaramji is following in their footsteps, nurturing the Varkari Sampradaya and doing great service to mankind. The Jagadguru also remembered the Mela that he conducted in Sringeri in 2009 and blessed the gathering.

At the direction of the Jagadguru, an extensive Abhang Bhajan was sung by devotees led by Sri Tukaram Ganapati Maharaj throughout the night Sharada Chandramoulishwara Puja performed by the Jagadguru.

On May 13th morning, the Jagadguru had Darshan at the Apeetakuchamba Sameta Arunachaleshwarar temple and graced the Veda Pathashala at Nitya Kamya Mahayajna Samiti and blessed the teachers and students. The Jagadguru then visited Krishnapuram and had Darshan at the Vishalakshi Sameta Kashi Viswanathar temple. The Jagadguru also spent sometime at the library in the premises of Sri Shankaranaryana Sevashrama belonging to the Peetham and returned to Kadayanallur to give Darshan and Mantrakshata to the devotees.

In the evening, the Jagadguru started from Kadayanallur and en route to Rajapalayam, had Darshan at Meenakshi Sameta Chokkalinga Swamy temple, Chintamani.


Anugraha Bhashanam at Kadayanallur