Kamareddy: DECEMBER 21-22, 2012

Acquire Divine Qualities: Bring Peace & Prosperity Back to Yourself and our Nation

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji arrived at Kamareddy on December 21 to a reverential welcome. In His Anugraha Bhashanam, the Jagadguru spoke about the importance of acquiring divine qualities.

Bhagavan says in the Gita that human beings can be classified between two daivi sampat or divine qualities and aasuri sampat or demoniac qualities:

द्वौ भूतसर्गौ लोकेऽस्मिन् दैव आसुर एव च ।

Based on the qualities one possesses, one reaps the results of actions. You can choose to join whichever category you desire, based on the result you wish to obtain. In worldly life too, when a person is at a crossroads, we tell him to choose his path based on his destination & objective. But if a person has a certain objective and yet chooses a path that has no connection to it, he can never attain his objective. Thus a wise person will choose his path based on his desired destination. If he does not do so, he will be unwise.

With respect to the divine and demoniac paths, Bhagavan Himself says that the divine path leads to liberation while the demoniac path keeps one in bondage:

दैवीसम्पद्विमोक्षाय निबन्धायासुरी मता ।

Hence if you desire liberation, you have to traverse the divine path. The divine path is one that can be taken when you develop qualities as described by Bhagavan in the subsequent verses:

अभयं सत्त्वसंशुद्धिः ज्ञानयोगव्यवस्थितिः ।
दानं दमश्च यज्ञश्च स्वाध्यायस्तप आर्जवम् ॥

दया भूतेष्वलोलुप्त्वं मार्दवं ह्रीरचापलम् ॥

तेजः क्षमा धृतिः शौचमद्रोहो नातिमानिता ।
भवन्ति संपदं दैवीमभिजातस्य भारत ॥

The qualities listed here are – अभयं – “Abhayam”: to live in such a way that no one should be frightened of you and neither should you be afraid of anyone. But when is this possible? When there is no hatred or anger in your heart, nobody is frightened by you. How will people get frightened by you? When you hold a grudge against somebody, awaiting a chance to punish him or torture him. When the other person comes to know of your intention, he is sure to get frightened by you. But when you hold no hard feelings about anybody, even in your dreams, none will be afraid of you.

This explanation of the word “Abhayam” has been given by Bhagavan Himself in another part of the Gita as:

यस्मान्नोद्विजते लोकः लोकान्नोद्विजते च यः.

This is possible only when anger and hatred subside. If anyone is scared of you, reassure them through your behavior that there is no reason for fear & that you are affectionate towards everyone. We cannot achieve anything by anger and hatred; a pleasing and affectionate attitude is the only way. Many do not realize this fact and live with the false understanding that display of anger reinforces a sense of superiority. This behavior can be observed in workplaces between employer and employee or a senior and a junior, in schools between a teacher and a student and even in homes between father and son, or elder and younger siblings. People must realize that love and affection can achieve even that which cannot be achieved through a display of anger and hatred. It is through affection and encouragement that a teacher or an employer or a father can effect a positive change in a student or employee or brother. All of this follows as a consequence of developing the divine quality called “Abhayam” as Bhagavan has enunciated.

Bhagavan enunciates further qualities सत्त्वसंशुद्धिः (having a pure mind), दया भूतेषु – having empathy towards all beings, अलोलुप्त्वं – being free of desire. You cannnot afford to think that you should possess everything. It is wrong to think so. Bhagavan explains this at another juncture as – यदृच्छालाभसन्तुष्टः – remaining content with what has been obtained. Some people even today, come to Me and say, “Swami, I have not tried to attain my current position. It has come of its own accord.” While they undertake efforts, they do not crave for results and remain contented with whatever prosperity or position comes their way. It is in this regard that our ancestors have said, “Praaptambagu leyshamaina padiveylanuchunn”“Whatever has come to me in whatever measure, I deem it valuable.”

मार्दवं – soft-spokenness is another divine quality mentioned by Bhagavan. One must not hurt others by words or be curt in speech. Gentleness in speech is a divine quality to be cultivated by all.

The next divine quality is ह्रीः – This refers to modesty or humility. Some people at a workplace try to induce an honest man into entering the wrong path or try to make him corrupt. The honest man would refuse politely stating that he would have to violate his conscience if he were to engage in corruption and would feel ashamed. Hence he does not consent to engaging in corruption, even if it were to result in the loss of his job. He believes that God will provide him with all that is necessary. This quality is what Bhagavan terms as ह्रीः. This word also refers to the feeling of humility that pious people experience when others rightfully praise them for their great services. Unlike those who desire praise, these pious people having ह्रीः attribute everything to God and remain humble.

The next divine quality – अचापलं – refers to avoiding engaging oneself in unnecessary activities through the limbs of one’s body. Some people sit idly, but keep shaking their legs or hands. This is not to be done. The Dharma Shastras say that one who performs unnecessary activities such as breaking a stone, pulling out grass or tearing away a leaf from a plant even as he walks, biting one’s nails etc. incurs sin:

लोष्टमर्दी तृणच्छेदी नखखादी च यो नरः ।
स नूनं निरयं याति सूचको शुचिरेव च ॥

The Jagadguru explained that all evils in the present day are due to a decrease of divine qualities in man. Shunning demoniac qualities, everyone must strive to take effort to cultivate these divine qualities as expounded by Bhagavan in the Bhagavad Gita.

The Jagadguru concluded His discourse by emphasizing that if everyone acquires divine qualities, our land will be free of the calamities that we see today. A decrease in divine nature spread of demoniac nature has led to the calamities that we see today. When this is reversed, calamities will stop. Despite constantly reminding people, one cannot do anything if people do not adhere to this teaching. However, if people follow the Guru’s teachings, realizing that Sanatana Dharma has been handed down to us since ancient times and they are the teachings of Lord Krishna Himself, then there will be an end to the calamities that are occurring today. Peace, security and prosperity will reign in our nation. Everyone will comfortable and contented. And this nation will be “Ramarajya” (as it was under the rule of Lord Rama).

The Jagadguru then invoked Bhagavan to bless everyone with the tendency to acquire divine qualities and attain Shreyas. The Jagadguru remembered His previous visit to Kamareddy and blessed the assembled devotees and performed the Sharada Chandramoulishwara in the night.

On 22nd December morning, the Jagadguru had Darshan of Sankashtahara Ganapati temple at Ganesh Nagar and blessed the devotees.



Anugraha Bhashanam at Kamareddy